Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four Rasmussen Children

I sent this picture to Aunt Edna last summer for a date and names.  I laughed when she told me, "The one standing at attention is your dad."  The date is 1927 c and the kids are Paul, Mary, Earl, and Garth.  I remember seeing that same look on Paul's face when he was much older.


Movie Nut said...

My Dad Paul, that good-looking blonde on the left, poses with his brothers and sister a few years before he dropped a spitwad down a neighbor’s throat at church and ran belly laughing out the back door. I didn’t know he was blonde as a kid until I saw this picture. My own hair started out blonde and turned brown, as did my son Eric’s.
Ant man Garth is the taller boy standing at attention on the right, with sister Mary behind and brother Earl in front. These were the good times, the late 1920s. The Depression would not start for another two years but it had already arrived at the Rasmussens’ log cabin house. These kids only had two other changes of clothes, not unusual in rural Utah. If they were short on material things, the background shows they had their own little forest to run and play and hide. Some of that grove lives on; I walked in it five days ago. Yet three of the four sprites in front of the grove have lain down for the long sleep.

Movie Nut said...

What is Paul's expression? Is he about to cry from sheer resistance to posing or a tight tie?