Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Pictures of Inez Harrison Rasmussen

This first one is when Inez was about 3 years old.  She was born Oct 22, 1888 so that picture was taken either in 1891 or 1892.  Isn't she just the cutest.  Several of her grandchildren looked much like her when they were younger.  Edna Rasmussen Call Gardner remembers her mother (Inez) telling her that the camera man told her to hold her hands like that so she would be ready to hold the birdie that would come out of the camera.

The second picture is Inez either on her wedding day, Oct 2, 1918, or a wedding announcement picture perhaps for the newspaper.  This is a picture I asked Edna about in 2010.  She told me it was her mother's wedding picture.

The 3rd picture doesn't have a date but I assume it was before they moved into their new home, so that would make it prior to 1952.  You can just make out the outline of a young person standing inside the front screen door.  If we knew if that was one of her children or a grandchild it could help narrow the date.


Movie Nut said...

Who has told us this photo is from inez' wedding day?

Booklogged said...

Hi Movie Nut! I sent this picture to Edna Call in 2010 and asked her about it. Edna is Inez's daughter. She told me it was Inez's wedding picture. Now that you ask, I guess that could mean it's her wedding announcement picture and not actually the day she was married. I assume you are asking because of the white blouse with a dark colored skirt.

Movie Nut said...

Who knows what the building behind the house is? This is the best "portrait" I've seen of Inez' house, as well as being two terrific portraits of her about 25+ years apart. Did Edna tell you the "birdie picture" (what a gem) was at age 3?