Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who is in This Picture

I dated this picture 'summer 1953' based on the outfit I am wearing.  I have other pictures from that summer in Utah wearing that criss-cross short set. So I'm 99% sure that darling little girl on grandpa Willard's lap is me but I'm not sure who everyone else is.  That's where I need your help.

I'm including a picture with numbers and one without.  Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it.


Booklogged said...

Donna said that she would be there if the picture is dated 1953, so she must be the baby on Inez's lap.

Received an email from Brent with some suggestions: Back- Joan, Theo, Brent Front- Don between granpas knees, and at the far right Arlene.

I think I can fill in the rest: Back row same as Brent says. Front - Cheya, Willard, Don, Paula, Duane, Inez, Donna, Alan, Steve, Arlene. In front of Steve is Wayne hiding behind Mark.

Alan thinks he has a clearer picture - hopefully, that will answer the question for good.

Movie Nut said...

My "clearer picture" is flipped around the other way, and I think it came from you.

Movie Nut said...

Paula printed out a version of this that is reversed but not more clear at all. Paula's dodging Grandpa seems to echo her sense of him as kind of scary or messy the way older people can be.