Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long Legs

Granddad sure has long legs.  I had heard that he had a really long stride and could walk fast and far. After seeing these pictures, I can believe it.

I need help with a date on this first picture.  If I had a family group sheet for Mary's family I could estimate the year, but I don't know birth dates.  It's such a good picture - so much crisper and clearer than most.  In the picture are Scott, Inez, Brent, Arlene, Willard, Don, and Mary Collett is in the back.

**Added note 8-13-2011  I had this picture mislabeled in my original post but I have fixed it - the baby is Scott.  Thanks Brent for sending me a fgs.  The date is 1953, probably on a warm October day because Scott was born Sep 28, 1953. 

The second picture is in 1957 and shows Willard and Inez with Scott, Don, and Arlene Collett.

Please correct me on dates or names if I am wrong.


Movie Nut said...

Do you think Scott looks 3.5 years old here, born Sep 1953? I don't.
Arlene is born in 1949, my year, and doesn't look 8 either.

Booklogged said...

I will have to check but I think the 2nd picture of this post is in my collection from my dad and had a date on the back. Actually, I think the ages fit.

Movie Nut said...

They look younger to me.